Insightful approach to historical suffrage movement

The Cure for Dreaming - Cat Winters

Olivia's dancing around the edges of the suffrage movement in 1890s Portland, OR. She's strong-minded but quiet, dreaming of a future as a teacher or writer, but trapped under her domineering father's thumb. When she's hypnotized on stage the night of her birthday, she craves the relaxing peace of it. But when her father hires the hypnotist for a private session to remove her rebellious thoughts and ability to protest, she finds the drive to commit to a position and fight back against the patriarchy.


This was a brilliantly-told piece of YA historical fiction dealing with the early days of women's suffrage in the United States. The paranormal romance angle was really innovative, giving a fun, dramatic angle to gender relations, politics and the silencing of women. Flawless writing and storytelling, with clear trouble taken to include appropriate historical detail. I appreciated the effort to give the antagonists clear, believable and appropriate motivation as well. Even the villains have reasons for thinking and acting the way they do. Excellent effort and highly entertaining read.