Generally appealing adaptation of a complex novel

Manga Classics: The Scarlet Letter Softcover - SunNeko Lee, Luke Mehall;Gaelen Engler;Drew Thayer;Ashley King;Stacy Bare;Chris Barlow;Erica Lineberry;Brendan  Leonard;Teresa Bruffey;D. Scott Borden, Crystal Chan, Nathaniel Hawthorne

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I think I read this as a teen, though all I remember of the classic novel is that it was kind of tedious. This format does a good job of making it more accessible. There're notes at the end that talk about the adaptation and how some of the symbolism is captured with visual imagery, and that did seem to add a lot, though it seems that maybe the original message of the book got watered down somewhat. Generally appealing artwork, probably would have rated it higher if I appreciated the story more. :/