Easy reading kids-with-powers thriller.

The Lost Causes - Alyssa Embree Schwartz, Jessica Koosed Etting

Disclaimer: reviewing eARC via NetGalley. 

Pretty standard thriller fare; if you love kids with ESP, telekinesis etc., murder mysteries, shadowy government organizations/conspiracies etc. this may be right up your alley. In my opinion, it reads more like an older MG title than YA, with more of a distant narrative voice than currently in vogue. However, part of the premise is troubled teens getting powers, so MC drug abuse and casual sex (offscreen/nonexplicit) makes it suitable for older audiences. 

It focuses more on moving the plot along than character development, which makes for some awkward info dumps at times when tragic backstory or summarized characteristics are needed to undergird the story. More of a priority on romantic connections and friendships than solving the original problems, character growth, or family reconciliation; the "getting powers" part supposedly overwrites all pre-existing problems by dampening emotional responses or something along those lines. Which is a shame, because there could have been some great stuff there; coming to terms with sibling death after getting the power to talk to ghosts usually gets some more mileage, for instance.

In terms of surprises and plot twists, this fits firmly within genre tropes but pulls off a couple surprises heading into the home stretch. Good for readers who appreciate a quick, easy read. May not satisfy well-read genre fans or literary connoisseurs.