The Worlds We Make

The Worlds We Make - Megan Crewe Megan Crewe is a genius at weaving authentic emotional journeys into tightly paced thriller plots. Her characters are instantly recognizable but not tired or rehashed; love her exposure of character inner lives, struggles and uniquenesses including empathetic portrayals of diverse personality types. She seems to portray teens incredibly well (but I'm in my 30s, so my ability to assess this may be limited, lol). Generally on the 'clean' side of YA; light, natural-seeming romance without any explicit action, some offensive language but always used in-character and in appropriate scenes. I'd recommend for ages 14 or 15 up. This story as a whole holds up well as a plague-disaster thriller, the sort of thing that would make a good summer blockbuster. It's near-future/real-world setting, so no magic or aliens, and the challenges and darkness are real but not overwhelming or contrived. I've enjoyed this series the most out of her work so far and will continue to hunt down the rest of her books!