Russian dragon royalty + hot historian Cinderella-style shifter romance

Grigori: A Royal Dragon Romance (Brothers of Ash and Fire) - Monique Patterson, Lauren Smith

I picked up a copy of this by mistake as part of a newsletter chain/giveaway/review group and I don't usually read adult romances, but I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of writing. There's an underlying story that holds up quite well even without the racy bits, character motivations are clearly expressed and somewhat believable (I mean, aside from all the paranormal/shifter stuff), the writing style is strong and engaging, and the world-building is convincing.


I don't particularly care for dragons or shifters in general as a trope or topic, but I do like paranormal or fantasy stories and romance subplots, so it wasn't too much of a stretch for me. Cinderella-style romances with a rich guy are generally a good time, and there are other pretty classic storytelling threads that are combined competently enough to be entertaining, if predictable. It seemed pretty short, but there was a reasonable story arc and some character development, so it just very clearly leads into a series for the larger story. I would have continued on if it were less explicit, but that's totally a matter of personal taste, and I think this would do very well with romance fans. In my opinion, the writing and storytelling, as well as the quality of production, are a cut above typical indie fare.