Saucy, twisty fairytale retellings

Grimms Manga Tales (English) - Keiko Ishiyama

Disclaimer: Reviewing the digital proofs on NetGalley


The digital galleys make it a bit hard to see what's happening sometimes, and so I'd give a qualified thumbs up on that angle; the art seems generally attractive in a sharp, saucy manga style where the girls are cute, the women are foxy, and the boys are improbably hot and know it full well. I did find it hard to figure out what was going on in terms of movement, but the final versions may be easier to keep up with. On the plus side, art and even backgrounds are detailed and lush, to suit the fairytale surroundings.


On the story side, the first few stories in particular feel a little too abbreviated to me, but the latter, multi-part stories were more satisfying. Greater emphasis on character motivation and emotional responses than in the fairytales you may have heard in the past makes them more engaging and sometimes adds a fun twist. Little bit spicier or romance-y in some cases, while in others, a gender-swapped cast adds some freshness. Generally enjoyable and nice to look at.