Innovative magic-military system in fantasy!Italy

The Tethered Mage - Melissa Caruso-Scott

Disclaimer: reviewing uncorrected eARC via NetGalley


I loved the premise and initial pages - a rich, fantasy world based on Medieval or Enlightenment Italy, rich girl running around in trousers and learning magic-mechanics, and an innovative magic-military system. Unfortunately, I felt like it bogged down a little in the middle, but that may have had more to do with the way I've never been terribly interested in Italian history (thanks Art History classes!), the narrative ended up really focusing in on political maneuvering, and the MC tended to get upstaged by her Falcon counterpart. This was well written, well-crafted, has a gripping cover and some very cool ideas to play with, so I could see other readers enjoying it WAY more than I did if the setting or plot are more to their taste. Crossover between adult-YA fantasy; IMHO it reads more like an adult (minus explicit content), rather than a YA coming-of-age sort of story, which, again, could be a mark in its favour or not, depending on your preference.