When Dimple Met Rishi - Sandhya Menon

Aaaaand the most adorable romance of the year goes to . . . lol.


Seriously though, this makes me sad that NA hasn't gotten established properly. Stories about kids navigating post-secondary and first serious relationships have so much potential, if this is anything to go by. And Rishi is basically the perfect fantasy boyfriend: wealthy, unpretentious, responsible yet gifted and passionate, protective yet not aggressive.


Interesting take on second-generation immigrant experiences, relationships to heritage, family and faith, and particularly arranged marriages. The narrative does come out pretty strongly on Dimple's side (personal desires and goals, love matches) vs. Rishi's (heritage, duty and family), but it does a good job exploring both sides sympathetically at the start. And the early falling in love banter is just adorable.


Super entertaining read; I blasted through it in one sitting. (Sleep? Who needs sleep?)