Thick As Thieves - Megan Whalen Turner

MWT is a master of sleight-of-hand. Storytelling skills to the level that you'll follow her dubiously likable characters through endless bewildering micro adventures until everything settles into clarity with the grand reveal at the end. Great interiority, great insight into the characters' minds and perspectives, with moderate unreliability. This book looks at slavery (in an ancient world context), power and arrogance, as well as friendship. It probably suffers a bit because it's been long enough since I read the first books in that world that I sort of remember loving them, but don't remember enough about the world, the characters and the politics - or rather, my emotional engagement is a bit distant, so the world feels detailed and solid, but not like a return to a beloved story. The use of 'translated' myths in the narrative was smart but a bit pace-slowing. 14yo me would have been more impressed, but she was a geek. Clever, mature fantasy