American Street

American Street - Ibi Zoboi Read this in one sitting, so for starters, it's a pretty quick read. The author did a good job with authentic voices between the Haitian protagonist and her Detroit classmates and the emotional journey of an immigrant felt honest and effective. It's a high quality #ownvoices story and the author comments on having based it on relationships and conversations with people who had similar experiences as well as her own life. I liked that it was clear and relatable and the inventiveness and emotional authenticity, not to mention magical-realism, of how she integrated traditional Haitian beliefs and spiritual practices with the protagonist's decision-making, emotional journey and attempts to understand and manager her new life and world. Full points for one of the most adorable teen romances too, although there's masses of tragedy and grey-area complexity to the tale. It's kind of an emotionally difficult read, though a quick one. Very much appreciated the insight into a world and character experience that's new to me. Well done Ibi!