In the Shadows

In the Shadows - Kiersten White, Jim Di Bartolo Fascinating storytelling format. Usually I'm not a fan of authors doing graphic novels, as I've always just ended up being sad it wasn't as enjoyable as their previous full novels. However, this format made the most of both image and text-only content. Without getting into spoilers, the book basically alternates a few pages of zero text images - either full spread or "comic" style linear boxes that tell a snippet of a story - with a chapter of a novel about a bunch of teens in the late 1800s. There's supernatural goings-on and a central mystery that maintains its tension right up to the end, and it may be that I suck at visual observation, but I didn't figure out what the connection was between the image story and timeline and the text story and timeline, which are pretty obviously divergent and not at all related riiiiiight up until the end. Adds in an appealing way to the sense of mystery, intrigue and tense/dark/creepy/confusing-ness. Being less visual in general, I'd have been just as happy with a novelization of the whole thing sans graphics, and I'd argue you could still get the sense of things coming together in a major way with a significant emotional payoff if you'd kept the two timelines in only text format, but it was pretty cool to see it and experience the penny drop in the last tenth of the narrative. Full points for innovation and execution.